Marketing's pole

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FBP offers capacities of commercial actions proportional and tailored to your needs, by providing additional human and technological resources.



FBP develops and enhances your customer capital through the sales dynamic. Its action occurs from exploration to the after-sales generation and qualification of contacts, making appointments, proposals and after sales.


Logical process

The optimization of the sales cycle allows a better knowledge of the client and the opportunities to attract and retain.


Productivity, Adaptation, Increase, Conquest

The optimization of customer relationship management is a factor of value creation.


Shared competencies

The entire offer FBP is built on the basis of the experience of a competence center specializing in commercial activity and shared directly to your needs.

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Dynamics sale is consistent source of commercial activities. FBP, a synergy of resources reinforces the commercial impact of each action and opens new perspectives for developments.


The optimization of the sales cycle is obtained by a logical process continuously, to establish a panel of active prospects and projected.