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Web's pole

FBP has a center of excellence specializing in Web recording, dissemination and sharing of digital data. Because the Web is now available everywhere, your website can be quickly and easily, the door to multiple services.

  • The window of your company
    Access to your services is an essential criterion for the purchasing and loyalty. Visibility, image and communication of your company find their continuation on the web. The access point must be open and efficient for all your contacts from prospects and customers, until your suppliers, plus your teams. FBP creates more than a Web storefront, a true gateway to your services.

  • Interactivity
    From your website, you provide specific access to your employees, your partners and your customers. It is you who manage live access to information stored in your databases. Everyone has the ability to document and interact remotely.

Because we promote the use of open programming languages ​​(PHP, MySql, etc..), You have the option to take all or part of our developments in internal or external.

Complete offers
FBP studies with you the strategy consistent with the reality of your requirements.

A simple interface, accessible anywhere across the enterprise, securely, you can update your website independently and intuitive.

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Les offres FBP - France Business Partner sont construites sur le fondement de l’expérience de deux pôles de compétences:
- un pole de compétences Marketing spécialisé dans l’action commerciale et mutualisé pour s’adresser directement à vos besoins.
- un pole de compétences Web spécialisé dans l'enregistrement, la diffusion et le partage de données numériques. Parce que le Web est aujourd'hui accessible partout, votre site internet peut devenir rapidement et simplement la porte d'entrée à de multiples services.

FBP est également l'éditeur du portail Web


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